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Welcome to the Sexual Health Support and Advice website. We aim to deliver all the links and advice you could ask for regarding Sexual Health Support and Advice. It is quite possible that talking to young children about sexually transmitted diseases, love and babies could simply horrify or frighten them, what is even more frightening are results such as those that were reported by the Health Protection Agency for Elmbridge in the United Kingdom, where it was revealed that as many as one in every hundred youngsters between the ages of fifteen and twenty four had been diagnosed in 2010 with Chlamydia. This indicated that nearly nine hundred and ninety nine in every one hundred thousand young people were found to have this silent but serious sexually transmitted disease. Too many young people fail to realize that Chlamydia can, if not treated, cause infertility. It is also almost impossible to notice without being tested for it as it is a symptomless infection in the vast majority of cases. It is for this reason that sexually active people are recommended to get tested for any kind of sexually transmitted disease every time they change partners.

It is the awareness of sexually transmitted infections like chlamydia and the availability to all of chlamydia test at confidential sexual health clinics that young people need to be educated about. They need to be enabled to take responsibility for their own sexual health by informing them how and when to take the chlamydia test, and that they should go for regular full sexual health screens. Please get in touch with us if you want to know more about Sexual Health Support and Advice.

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